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Qinghai Yiming Su Trading Co., Ltd.  is an independent catering brand under Qinghai Lvhai Tongzhou Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. The main enterprises are two high-altitude potato planting and agricultural high-tech enterprises. Research, warehousing, production and sales of agricultural deep processing enterprises, with an annual output of 45,000 tons of French fries, the processed French fries are directly supplied from the production line to the consumers, safe and fast, and the raw materials are selected from an altitude of 3,000 meters. The non-polluted potato on the plateau is processed by imported equipment from the Netherlands to ensure zero pollution and zero addition. Its delicious taste, crisp taste and integrated supply and supply mode provide convenience for consumers to taste the plateau specialties. While creating more jobs, the plateau-specific potato products have been pushed to the whole country.

In 2015, the company reached a sales strategy intention with PetroChina and Sinopec, relying on the gas station to build a Chinese and Western convenience fast food restaurant with potato and French fries and other products. It has laid 17 chain stores across the country; it is planned to be in 2017. The convenience fast food restaurant will be distributed to large, medium and small gas stations in various provinces and cities nationwide. At that time, the number of convenience fast food restaurants in Qinghai Province with its own “Sue” brand will reach 550; in addition, the company image The store is about to be completed in Xiadu, Xiadu.

The company is dedicated to creating high-quality food venues, creating specialty food and beverage brands, combining fast food with local specialties to form a unique model to meet the different needs of different consumer groups. "Yimingsu" has a professional team, personalized decoration, and extremely humane affinity service. The restaurant has a variety of catering services such as French fries, hot and cold drinks, ice cream, coffee, and classic breakfast. The company strives to be renowned for its domestic and international catering brands with advanced and standardized management and excellent food quality assurance system. The company's future development direction is to continuously absorb and learn from the world's advanced management methods and management methods, and strive to achieve enterprise management and international standards.